Log Splitter Projects Food Enthusiasts Would Love

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kitchen cabinet

If you’re a food lover, I bet you’ll appreciate these wooden projects we have in store for you. They’ll make you feel more in touch with nature and make your home a pleasant place to dine in. So, without further ado, I suggest you get the best log splitter right now and try these projects!

Tree Table

tree table

Is there a better place to place your plate than a table? None! This project will make your dining area or any other part of your home a location where food is welcome. Because come on, we have to face it—food belongs anywhere in the house. With a table like this, you’ll probably never want to leave the table! You’ll be eating like there’s no tomorrow here. It’s a classy, elegant, and definitely a warm place to partake your favorite dishes.

Wooden Chairs

Of course, it’s only natural to build wooden chairs too! With a quality log splitter, you can finish two to four chairs with ease! The chairs will add up to the coziness that your table already gives, and will make conversations over the table even longer. What’s great about building your own chairs is that you can design it the way you want it to be and adjust its size depending on the comfort you want it to bring.

Kitchen Cabinet

kitchen cabinet

Regardless of whether they store your favorite snacks or spices, if you’re a food lover, then you know you can’t have too many kitchen cabinets. No number would be enough. You might already have “kitchen” cabinets in your room for food storage too! And because there’s always room for food, I’m sure there will be room for one more stylish log cabinet in the kitchen… or in your room.

Candle Holder

Make dinners more romantic with a candle holder! All you have to do is get your splitter and follow the instructions in the video we’ve found on YouTube. Get closer to nature and closer to your partner with the heat brought by the candles on your tree table. Who knows, you might be able to heat things up later on too!

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